The Illuminating Ideas Scholarship


Now accepting applications for the 2017 Illuminating Ideas Scholarship Award

Scholarship Overview

At Westway Electric Supply, we believe in higher education and giving back to the community. To show our support to those pursuing an undergraduate degree, we are pleased to announce our fourth annual Illuminating Ideas Scholarship Award. The scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors and college undergrad students. To apply, an essay submission is required.

This year's essay topic is: How is your school currently wasting energy and what can you do to fix it? Describe at least three ways your school is currently wasting or misusing energy and provide realistic solutions for each.

The winner will be awarded a $1,000 scholarship during the Spring semester of 2017.

Congrats to Grant D., a graduate of Stanton Preparatory School in Jacksonville, Fl., the recipient of the 2016 Westway Electric Supply $1,000 Scholarship!


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Scholarship Award Amount: $1,000

Entry Deadline: Spring Semester - Friday, May 12, 2017

How To Apply

1. Write a 500-1,000 word essay that discusses three of the ways your school is currently wasting or misusing energy, and provide realistic opportunities that your school can use to be more energy-efficient.

2. Send your essay to and include the following information in the body of your email:

                First Name & Last Name

                Current School

                Academic Standing as of Spring ‘16 (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.), and major (if applicable).

3. Format: Send only Microsoft Word document entries, with the file name “FirstName_LastName_MMDDYY”. Only entries submitted in this format will be considered.


All three steps must be accurately completed for consideration.


Judging Criteria

Your letters will be judged by our management staff on the following criteria:

  • Persuasiveness
  • Creativity
  • Clarity of message
  • Grammar and spelling


Rules & Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be a graduating senior in high school or currently enrolled in an undergraduate program with an expected graduation no earlier than December 2017.
  • We reserve the right to verify the date of high school graduation or college enrollment.
  • Once submitted, your entry will become property of Westway Electric Supply and can be used by Westway Electric Supply for any purpose.
  • Only one entry per student permitted. Only the latest entry will be considered.
  • Entries containing plagiarized material or off-topic content will result in disqualification.


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