Press Articles Featuring Westway Electric Supply


Westway Electric Supply has been featured in the following publications:

"Through the growth of Westway Electric Supply, Anthony has proven that even a mom and pop shop known for local sales can grow a worldwide network of distribution."

- Apruve: From Mom & Pop Supply to Worldwide Distribution

" The new e-commerce technology will re-index product information, so that the process runs faster and more smoothly."

- B2B E-commerce World: Westway Electric Supply lights up a new B2B e-commerce site

"...  focus on something new.  Whether it be e-commerce, energy efficient technology, or some other new facet in the industry; it would be wise to become proficient in something that the older guys in the industry don't already have great knowledge in."

- Catching up with the 30 under 35: Anthony Buonocore

"In the world of electrical supplies, customers range from contractors running on tight project deadlines or DIY homeowners who may need to fix something sooner rather than later. Supplying them with the right part and the right time is crucial."

- CIPS: The pros and cons of drop shipments

"'I thought there'd be broader markets available if we just had a really good website,' he said. 'It forced me to take a risk that, if I was comfortable, I might not have taken.'"

- 2014 30 Under 35 Profile: Tony Buonocore